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Emerging Market Opportunity
Trends & Opportunities in India

Campaigns for conservation and increasing cost consciousness among consumers have resulted in spiraling demand for energy efficient lighting solutions. Consumers are looking for options to cut cost at every opportunity available.

Escalating electricity bills was one of the main items on the agenda of a political party that won the Delhi assembly elections.


An emerging leader in retail research

Market Pulse is a leading provider of retail market performance measurement service in an increasing number of verticals.

The firm has India's second largest panel of 19000+ retail stores in 80 towns across India.

Market Pulse has enduring relationships with 30+ clients, built on the strong foundation of robust research design for retail measurement and extensive domain knowledge.

The firm is privately held, with headquarters in Delhi, India and field offices across 20 towns.

Market Pulse is breaking new ground

The firm has cutting edge retail measurement frameworks that generate incisive market insights for clients across many verticals.

Market Pulse retail market performance measurement reports are already the gold standards in over 40 product categories.

Our research team has developed innovative statistical models for demand forecasting and retail location feasibility evaluation.

Comprehensive range of retail research services

The research team at Market Pulse has unmatched expertise in a comprehensive range of retail research services.

  • Syndicated & Customized Retail Performance Measurement

  • Mystery Shopping Audit including Price Tracking

  • Distribution Advisory and Business Research

    Technology is being used to deliver market insight to clients in a transparent, quick and effective manner.
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